Sayembara Teater 2017 - Kekuatan Dalam Kelemahan (KDK)

Directed & Written By: Adi Jamaludin

- Photo from Berita MediaCorp

A.D.I Concept performed a play - Kekuatan Dalam Kelemahan, as part of this year's edition of Sayembara Teater 2017 - a Malay Drama Competition. The competition is divided into 3 different categories, Cat A: Open Category; Cat B: Seconday Schools and Polytechnics; Cat C: Primary School. The theme for this year's competition is Children's Theatre. We presented a story about a boy named Syamsul (played by Faizal Masjudi) who struggles with dyslexia. He faces many challenges - like being bullied and always looked down upon. Through the downs in his life did he find the strength to push on in the hopes of giving his mother a better life. Kekuatan Dalam Kelemahan was very well received by the judges and we were able to clinch several awards!

Performers: Adi Jamaludin, Faizal Masjudi, Elizabeth Loh, Zaaki Nasir
Production Crews: Shana Yap (Lighting), Irfan Mahat (Sound), Hafiz (Sound)

Awards Won
1. Best Technical Director
2. Best Script
3. Best Supporting Actress - Elizabeth Loh
4. Breakthrough Actor - Zaaki Nasir
5. Best Male Actor (Main) - Adi Jamaludin
6. Best Production (Champion - Cat A)

Date: 4 November 2017
Time: 1.45pm
Venue: SOTA Theatre
Media Coverage: Watch Here (Berita MediaCorp)