Adi Jamaludin

I begin my madcap adventure back in 2006, after graduating with a Diploma in Mass Communication from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. I still remember back during my days in both primary and secondary schools, I was not exposed to any drama classes at all. Unlike today, students back then were just told to concentrate on academic progress.

It was only in polytechnic that I soon discovered my lifelong passion - Drama. I still remember that there was this point of time, the club I was in had Adlin Mosbit as our guest trainer to train the club for about 5 months. And in those 5 months, I fell in love with drama (the head-over-heels kind). And all I could think at that point of time was that I want to be in theatre. I want to make theatre a career choice. I never looked back since then.

Upon graduation, I immediately joined Sentosa as one of their roving characters in Images of Singapore and stayed there for about 4 years before I finally decided to go on my own path and be a freelance performer.

Since then, I've had the honour of working with brilliant directors like Christina Sergeant, Jonathan Lim and Rayann Condy. I've been nominated as the best new talent in Short and Sweet Festival 2007, Singapore and "Best Actor" in a 24hour theatre project/competition organsied by Masakini Theatre in Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur.

Of course, as a performer, I also believe that whatever skills that I have acquired through the many productions that I've performed, should be shared with the younger generation. I believed and still believe that these skills are not only essential in making one a better performer, but also a better person in general. Qualities like confidence and clarity in speech are some of the life skills that can be learnt and taught through drama, and these are the skills that I wished to impart through the programmes that I've created over the years.

And as a performer and a director, I also felt that sometimes simplicity works best in sending the poignant messages to the audience. A theatre piece without "frills" is less likely to distract the audience from what matters most.

On a final note, here is something that I've discovered through the journey I've had so far:

In Drama, we learn empathy. In Simplicity, we learn focus and the abundance in nothingness.
Through Experience, we are humbled.

Adi Jamaludin

Adi Jamaludin has a Specialist Diploma in Arts Eduction from NTU-NIE and a Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Literature from Singapore University of Social Sciences.

Theatre Portfolio

Upcoming Productions


Kekuatan Dalam Kelemahan - Sayembara Teater 2017 (Nov 2017) - Read More

Past Productions


4S - Stories After Bedtime (Nov 2016) - Read More


#BPBM: An Adaptation of Bawang Puteh Bawang Merah (Oct 2015) - Read More


Tanggang: The Unfilial Son (Nov 2014) - Read More


Army Daze: The Production directed by Beatrice Chia-Richmond (August 2013)
Nenekku Di Jalan Ampas presented by Mini Monsters (2013)
Stop Melting My Home presented by National Climate Change Secretariat (2013)


Army Daze: The Production directed by Beatrice Chia-Richmond (August 2012)
Rumah Nenekku by Mini Monsters & Esplanade (June 2012)
Sonnets For An Old Century by Rayann Condy (March 2012)


Jen's Homecoming by Lasalle (November 2011)
Singapore Writers Festival- The Literary Tour by National Museum (October 2011)
Storytelling Comes Alive in Sentosa by Sentosa (June 2011)

Swordfish + Concubine: The Fall of Singapura by W!ld Rice (January 2011)


Unlike Some People by W!ld Rice (September 2010)
Family by W!ld Rice (March 2010)

2009 & Earlier

Fight Club by Daniel K. (November 2007)
24 Hours Theatre Project by Masakini Theatre - 2008

Film Portfolio

Batt Flat (Short Film) by Adi Jamaludin & Faizal Masjudi - April 2012
Almost Christmas by Gillian Tan - November 2011
National Family Celebration Advertisement - 2010


Army Daze (Media Conference)

Pioneer Magazine - August 2012

The Straits Times - Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Straits Times - 2008

City Gas Eduplay by ChannelNewsAsia - 2007
First educational drama on climate change for primary schools in Singapore

The National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) has launched a new educational drama on climate change for primary schools as part of its outreach efforts and Adi Jamaludin is proud to be part of the project.

Entitled "Stop Melting My Home", the drama features Piqa the polar bear from the Arctic and her friends Junie and Benny in Singapore. It introduces the issue of climate change to young students in an engaging and easy-to-understand way. The drama aims to explain the cause and effect of climate change, and equip students with practical tips on what they can do at home and in school to address climate change e.g. by saving energy, travelling green and practicing the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle).

"As an actor and an educator, I believe I have the responsibility of spreading the awareness on global climate change. The children need to be aware of the little things that they could do to save the planet. After all, the future is in their hands"-Adi Jamaludin

Adi Jamaludin & other performers.
Nenekku Di Jalam Ampas - Discovering Zubir Said
Produced by: Najip Ali (Mini Monsters & Esplanade)
Directed by: Izad Omar

Presented by Mini Monsters, in-collaboration with Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, with support from the National Arts Council as part of F.Y.I

In 2012, Adi Jamaludin appeared on stage as a grandson who was on a discovery journey to the Malay culture and food. In 2013, he re-appeared together with his grandmother to discover our historical idol- Zubir Said.

Nenek spent the day telling Mahadi and his friends, stories about Zubir Said and taught them to sing along to some of his songs, including the National Anthem and the Children's Day song, Semoga Bahagia. Nenek explained the meaning behind these Malay national songs and the audience was encouraged to sing along to them too!

Nenekku di Jalan Ampas - Discovering Zubir Said flew the flag of national pride and it also helped pupils to pick up Malay phrases, developed an awareness of Malay music and acquired knowledge about Zubir Said, the composer of our National Anthem.

Adi Jamaludin & Dalifah Shahril
Army Daze: The Production 2013
Witten By: Michael Chiang
Produced by: Annie Pek
Directed by: Beatrice Chia-Richmond

After a massively successful run staged to sold-out crowds last year, the 31 year old actor repirses his role as the malay recruit Johari, in the 25th anniversary production of Michael Chiang's Army Daze. Having received an overwhelming response from the public after its limited run last year, Adi Jamaludin is excited to stage the production once again.

The play returned for three major runs in 1990, 1995 and 2006, before a spanking new production was staged last year. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the popular comedy, Army Daze was mounted a play with songs. The much-loved story about the BMT adventures of recruits Malcolm, Ah Beng, Johari, Krishna & Kenny was refreshed for this anniversary version and met with a smashing reception.

Army Daze is believed to be the most successful stage comedy in Singapore to date, having sold nearly 55,000 tickets over its various runs.

Adi Jamaludin, Dennis Chew, Chua Enlai, Siti Khalijah and more.
Army Daze: The Production
21 - 26 AUGUST 2012
Witten By: Michael Chiang
Produced by: Annie Pek
Directed by: Beatrice Chia-Richmond

First staged in 1987, Michael Chiang's Army Daze was the ground-breaking play that completely upturned public perception of local theatre. The uniquely Singaporean comedy about five 18-year-olds going through basic military training clearly struck a chord with the audience.

The comic antics of recruit Malcolm Png and his mates have since become folklore, thanks to regular revivals of the play, as well as the 1996 hit movie that still enjoys repeat screenings on TV.

Army Daze has always been nostalgic for those who've done National Service, but also enlightening and enjoyable for those who've experienced NS vicariously - through sons, brothers, boyfriends, husbands or friends!

This special 25th Anniversary production brings together a cast of fresh faces and seasoned actors, ably supported by some of Singapore's top TV stars, including Dennis Chew (Aunty Lucy), Chua Enlai (The Noose), and Norleena Salim (Under One Roof).

Directed by Beatrice Chia-Richmond, this spanking new show has plenty of surprises to delight old fans and charm new audiences. With a refreshed script and original songs (specially composed by multi-talented music producer Don Richmond), you'll have a reason to celebrate!

Adi Jamaludin, Dennis Chew, Chua Enlai, Norleena Salim, Siti Khalijah and more.
Rumah Nenekku
26 - 29 JUNE 2012
Produced by: Najip Ali (Mini Monsters & Esplanade)
Directed by: Izad Omar

As part of its FYI programme, Esplanade presents Rumah Neneku. Adi Jamaludin will be playing the role of nenek's (grandmother) grandson, and teaching the children the unique Malay culture- Dikir Barat and Malay dance.

It is a happy day in Nenek's home. Nenek is anticipating the arrival of her friends from all over Singapore. Nenek was surprised by her grandson who came with a dikir barat group to perform in her house. She has also planned a series of other exciting activities that she would like to showcase to her non-Malay guests.

Together with the dikir barat group, Nenek will take her guests on a journey to discover more about the Malay culture. Students will learn to: Rumah Nenekku uses drama and music to explain aspects of Malay culture such as the language, art forms and cuisine. This performance will also help students to develop an appreciation for Malay culture.

Adi Jamaludin & Dalifah Shahril
1 MARCH 2012
Produced by: Skinned Knee Productions
Directed by: Rayann Condy

The story of 30 deceased characters given one last chance to tell their life stories set on Palawan Beach

A Sentosa beach may not make you think of death, but according to director Rayann Condy, 31, we go to the beach when we die. And an outcrop by Sentosa's Palawan Beach is exactly where Condy will stage Sonnets for an Old Century by award-winning writer Jose Rivera, a series of monologues by 30 recently deceased characters from different cultures and countries, given one last chance to speak their life stories before passing through to the great beyond. 'The beach is a joining of two worlds, where the ocean meets the land. It's like one life passing into another,' Condy says. 'After reading plays set on the beach that were very painful, I decided that this one set in the afterlife would work symbolically.' Thirty actors take on the diverse roles, ranging from tiny ingenue Kluane Saunders to fleshy funnyman Jonathan Cancio. 'It's so beautifully written, going from poetic and abstract to very real, heartbreaking and laugh-out-loud funny,' says Condy, who adds that having 30 actors on stage at once will make it 'really big and magical'. That, and the fact that you're by the sea.

Jo Tan, Brendan Fernandez, Adi Jamaludin and OTHERS
25-27 November 2011
Creative Cube, LASALLE College of the Arts
Playwright: Yang Ming
Directed by: Hilmi Shukur

The story tells of Jen, a successful fashion designer who returns home from London after ten years and finds herself a stranger to Singapore, left only with her memories of what it used to be. She tries to convince her father to move with her to London, but her father reveals his plans for her to stay in Singapore and take over his tailoring business. Soon after, Jen discovers that her father has dementia. Would that make her stay or would she bring her father overseas anyway?

Adi Jamaludin, Jamie Shawn Tan, Adelyn Pang, Steven Lye
UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE (or The Lady From Dubuque)
27 - 29 OCTOBER 2011

Take a walk through the National Museum's History Gallery and discover writing from famous Singapore writers of yesteryear and today. Performers will bring to life poems and other literary works amidst the backdrop of Singapore's history. Rediscover the Singapore History Gallery through poetry and prose from Singaporean texts - or, rediscover our poetry and prose through a historical perspective!

As part of the Singapore Writer's Festival, the Literary Tour is a collaboration between National Arts Council with the National Museum of Singapore, starring Adi Jamaludin, Ruzaini Mazani and Sheena Chua. Directed by Dave Chua.

Adi Jamaludin & many others.
Storytelling Comes Alive In Sentosa
28 May - 26 June 2011

Every June holidays, Sentosa presents Storytelling Comes Alive! with classic children stories of The Little Red Hen, Ollie and The Slurge, Momotaro - The Peach Boy, Aesop's Fabulous Fables and The Gingerbread Man. Kids were enchanted by the fascinating interactive storytelling sessions by Adi Jamaludin, Juliana Ong and Esther Tay. All the families get to enjoy activities such as photo opportunities with the live characters, lovely photo-points, arts & crafts activities and learnt more about recycling.

Adi Jamaludin & others.
Produced by: W!ld Rice
Written By: Kee Thuan Chye Directed by: Jonathan Lim

Swordfish + Concubine: The Fall of Singapura unravels two tales from the Sejarah Melayu(Malay Annals). The better-known one is the legendary tale of Hang Nadim, the wise kampung boy who boldly speaks up and saves the kingdom from a bloody swordfish attack but ends up being executed as a threat to political stability. Legend has it that it is his unjustly spilled blood that stained the soil of Bukit Merah red.

The tale of the concubine begins with a covenant made between Sang Nila Utama and Demang Lebar Daun the chief of Palembang - binding Singapura's future rulers and subjects in a relationship of mutual respect. Generations later, the concubine Nurhalisa is falsely accused & summarily executed. This shameful act breaks the covenant and unleashes a curse upon Singapura - the kingdom is invaded and conquered by the Majapahit.

These tales are an integral part of Singapura's heritage - both as part of our legendary past, and also as a vivid reminder of how rulers and citizens should honour each other.

Kamal Abdul Rahim, Faizal Abdullah, Johannes Hadi, Adi Jamaludin, Grace Khoo, Yin Mei J J Lenden-Hitchcock, Elizabeth Loh
UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE (or The Lady From Dubuque)
22 - 26 SEPTEMBER 2010

Love, hate, and twisted games in Sam and Jo's trendy New York apartment.

3 fashionable but desperate couples claw their way through a night of alcohol and secrets. Will their friendships survive? Will their marriages crumble? Will the devastating truth that they are denying eventually consume them all?

Into this emotional minefield steps the elegantly enigmatic Elizabeth and her ominous companion Oscar, claiming to be Jo's relatives. They are warmly embraced by everyone but Sam. What does Sam know? Why will he not believe them?

Written by multiple Drama Desk Award, Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winner Edward Albee, this shocking play of games and intrigue explodes onto the stage in this bold W!LD Rice production.

Kamal Abdul Rahim, Faizal Abdullah, Johannes Hadi, Adi Jamaludin, Grace Khoo, Yin Mei J J Lenden-Hitchcock, Elizabeth Loh
24 - 28 MARCH 2010
Produced By: W!LD Rice
Directed By: Jonathan Lim

"Blood is thicker than tears."
Previously staged by Theatreworks and directed by Ong Keng Sen as The Yang Family in 1996, FAMILY traces events in the 90-something year life of Tan Neo, offering a vivid and moving picture of a woman so much at the mercy of fate but who found remarkable strength in herself and her children. It is a tale of how families survive, and how generations change. It echoes the rapidly transforming cultural landscape of our island, vividly evoking how we have journeyed from the humble pioneer spirit of our forefathers to the affluent cosmopolitanism we live in today.

Journeying through the generations, this play reveals not only our history, but how history has shaped our present. It reminds us to value the sweat and blood spilt by our forefathers (and foremothers) while celebrating the dynamism and adaptability of our contemporary culture.

In a challenging ten-week rehearsal process, the ten Chinese, Malay and Eurasian actors of young & W!LD defy the barriers of race, gender, age, and culture to breathe new life into this powerful ensemble play, creating a world of compelling imagery and shifting scenescapes. Learning new languages and dialects, challenging gender roles, and digging deep into their own families' pasts for inspiration and life-material, these young actors stretch their skills and imaginations to inhabit almost a century of human drama.

Kamal Abdul Rahim, Faizal Abdullah, Johannes Hadi, Adi Jamaludin, Grace Khoo, Yin Mei J J Lenden-Hitchcock, Elizabeth Loh

"...the production keeps your eyes glued to the stage throughout, and your sympathies invested in the characters. That's bloody good theatre."
- The Flying Inkpot

"Lovely stuff." - The Flying Inkpot

"There is a palpable energy and inventiveness in their ensemble work"
- The Straits Times Life!

MARCH 2010
Produced by: Masakini Theatre
Directed by: -

Organised by Teater Masakini, a leading theatre company in Malaysia, the 24-hour Theatre Project will showcase works by experienced writers, actors and directors whose talents, experience and imagination will be put to the test

The Project is a perfect vehicle for local actors, directors and playwrights to showcase their capacity for theatre-making in a unique format. The purpose is not to create something perfect but to experience the pressure-cooker intensity of writing and producing a 10 minute play in such a short time.

Adi Jamaludin made his debut in Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur through this unique theatre competition and has received the nomination for Best Actor in his production, Menara Panjang Umur. The production has also won Best Director , Best Script and Viewer's Choice Award.

Adi Jamaludin & various others.
Produced by: Danial K.
Directed by: Danial K.

The Singapore theatre production of Fight Club - A Chorus is inspired by the novel and movie of the same name. But if you're looking for brutal fight scenes and schizophrenic nuances, you won't get it here. In the book Fight Club by American author Chuck Palahniuk, the protagonist struggles with the monotony of a consumerist economy. In Fight Club - A Chorus, local choreographer Daniel Kok recruits civil servants, financial advisors, freelance performers and tour agents by word-of-mouth to star in the Singaporean production and make up the 48- member ensemble. Much like a controlled experiment, these hardworking professionals left behind the monotony of their desk jobs to undergo a ten-session workshop involving two-hour classes twice a week. Come showtime, the piece will start with an individual on stage performing a one-minute solo. That individual will be joined one by one by the other 47 players to form a chorus - just don't expect the Vienna Boys' Choir (see 'Hello, sailor boys').

Kok approached the National Museum of Singapore in May with an idea to celebrate the museum's 120th anniversary with a performance piece. Post Theatre, a Berlin-based theatre company that holds lectures and workshops, seemed like the perfect partner for this collaboration; the group has staged site-specific performances in Berlin, New York and Tokyo. The theatre company provided the local producers with a manual containing certain parameters for the piece; however, these are merely guidelines and are open to interpretation by the participants. According to James Koh, production manager of Fight Club - A Chorus, the process is just as important as the end result.

Janice Koh, Norleenah Mohammed and Adi Jamaludin & others.